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31 December 2019 Comments Off on Camden Reeves ‘Blue Sounds’ UK Premiere Views: 607 CE News

Camden Reeves ‘Blue Sounds’ UK Premiere

Camden Reeves

On Thursday 9 January Tom Hicks is giving a recital of Camden Reeves’ piano music (and only Camden Reeves’ piano music!) at St Pancras Parish Church, London. It includes the UK Premiere of Blue Sounds for piano, which is proudly available for purchase through Composers Edition website.

Blue has a special provenance in the arts; just how special became increasingly apparent the more I looked into it.
But is it possible to hear a colour?
Vibration is physical. Sound as experience, on the other hand, is psychological. Just as blue reflects beyond what we can see, it likewise resonates beyond what we can hear.
This is my kind of blue. BLUE SOUNDS for piano.

Camden Reeves

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