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Camden Reeves ‘Blue Sounds for Piano’ Album with Pianist Tom Hicks

Blue Sounds for Piano, a new album by Camden Reeves’s has been released on the Metier label. The works are performed by pianist Tom Hicks, a culmination of around 10 years of collaboration on three substantial piano works: Tangle-Beat Blues, Nine Preludes and Blue Sounds for Piano.

Blue Sounds is a set of meditations on a colour – from its abstractness as an electromagnetic wave to Blues as a scale, a genre and a harmonic structure. All three works were written for Tom Hicks and mark a growth in fluency and an experimental approach to the sonority of the piano. 

… is it possible to hear a colour?

Perhaps it is not literally possible to hear a colour, no. But sound is not literal. Vibration is physical. Sound as experience, on the other hand, is psychological. Just as blue reflects beyond what we can see, it likewise resonates beyond what we can hear.

This is my kind of blue. BLUE SOUNDS for piano.

Camden Reeves

The album with also be released on CD streaming platforms (including Amazon, and Apple Music).

Tom Hicks and Camden Reeves

This CD explores both sounds and colors in a wide variety of ways [with] well-executed effects, all of which Hicks brings out very clearly indeed. Listeners intrigued by contemporary keyboard works performed with genuine flair will find much here to enjoy. 

Mark J, Estren

The title track, Blue Sounds for Piano, is proudly available for perusal and purchase through Composers Edition website.

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