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22 July 2021 Comments Off on Calling All Musicians & Programmers : New CE Team Member Isa Gibbs is Here for You! Views: 1040 CE News

Calling All Musicians & Programmers : New CE Team Member Isa Gibbs is Here for You!

We’re super excited to welcome to Isa Gibbs, our new Performing Artist Services Manager! Isa is joining the Composers Edition team to transform our relationships with performers and programmers and develop the commissioning, programming and performance of our composers’ music across the world.

Hello! This is Isa, the newest addition to the CE crew! It’s great to be aboard as Performing Artist Services Manager and I’m really excited to be supporting the performers, programmers and commissioners of our composers’ work. Since you’re the ones bringing the music to life, we want to see music publishing from your perspective, and do everything we can to help foster great performances! Performing, commissioning and listening to new music are things we want everyone to experience, so whether you’re about to commission your fifteenth work or you’re thinking about programming the first piece for your community group, I’m here for all of you! No matter how new you are to it all, new music is for you too, and we can’t wait for you to discover all that’s out there! There are lots of exciting plans developing, and I’m really looking forward to helping you find suitable repertoire, bringing about many new creative connections, and welcoming more and more people into this family. 

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect fit for your programme, on a mission to expand the repertoire for your unique ensemble, or sketching plans for a collaborative project, here are some of the things we can help with…

Great repertoire ideas

If you’re looking for something in particular, send in a call for works and we can see what the composers suggest! (There might even be hidden gems that aren’t published yet!)

Collaborate with our composers

Let me know what ideas you have and I’ll get you linked up with the most suitable composer(s) for your project!

Have us celebrate your event

Be featured in our news on the CE website and social media – special features and profiles for important events

Find out more about commissioning

Have a read of our short guide to commissioning and see what CE can do to support you throughout the process

Be updated on premiering opportunities

Receive email updates on pieces awaiting their first performance and grab the chance to make history!

Say hello!

Pop me a direct message via the CE social media, or email me at [email protected] to let me know how you’re doing – I’d love to meet you!

Join the CE Club

For those who’ve stumbled across this page via the website, we’re so glad you’re here! Become a CE Club member and you’ll receive a monthly newsletter and special offers including 5% off all orders! Click here to join!

Things to look out for…

As part of this new expansion we’ve been working on some exciting updates for the website. These’ll include repertoire discovery tools such as specially collated catalogues to cater for our diverse range of customers, search filters to help you navigate the nearly 2500 works in our catalogue, and a dedicated section for works awaiting a premiere – maybe by you!

We’re also developing some handy new services to help you get the most out of our catalogue, as well as opportunities for commissioners to shape their piece, side by side with the composer…watch this space!

Keep in touch!

Most importantly, let’s keep in touch! Let me in on your plans – I can speed up your repertoire search and illuminate the possibilities, with a few simple emails. 

And keep us in the loop about how your CE projects are coming along, by tagging us in your posts on social media! We love to be updated on the life of our composers’ music – from the initial brainstorms of a collaboration, through to the post-concert high – and it’ll also help us to promote you online!

As ever, the team at CE will always be thinking of ways to best accommodate your needs. And we’re always here to listen – let us know how these new services are working for you, and we can watch them evolve together to best serve you.

Speak soon!

Isa Gibbs
Performing Artist Services Manager
Composers Edition
[email protected]

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