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Bushra El-Turk
Bushra El-Turk ©Ben McDonnell

24 April 2022 Comments Off on Bushra El-Turk World Premières with Hezarfen Ensemble & Wiener Kammerorkest with Vivi Vassileva Views: 117 CE News

Bushra El-Turk World Premières with Hezarfen Ensemble & Wiener Kammerorkest with Vivi Vassileva

Bushra El-Turk’s When Cut will receive its World Premiere on Saturday 7 May at 6:30pm in the Bristol New Music Festival.

When Cut for Hezarfen Ensemble is written for Turkish and Western instruments: kemence, Turkish violin, violin, viola, cello, and piano.

When cut was inspired by an article in the New Scientist I read about plants making sounds when stressed by lack of water or when their stems were cut. Although plants are now known to be capable of seeing, hearing and smelling, they have been assumed to be silent. Scientists used machines to distinguish between different kinds of distress calls. This denotes a certain complexity in the communication of pain.

Bushra El-Turk

Hezarfen is performing their Makam programme at Bristol New Music, which is the sound world of much Turkish, Central Asian and North African music brought into a contemporary music context. Hezarfen Ensemble’s European Research Council (ERC)-supported programme, co-produced by BNM and Ankara Music Festival, presents the first iteration of seven new works by very different contemporary composers, all utilising makam instruments and performers as well as the written and audio-visual resources of Hezarfen Ensemble’s five-year Beyond East and West project on Turkish instruments in their writing process.

Hezarfen Ensemble

On Tuesday 24 May 8:15pm, Bushra El-Turk’s Ka – for Percussion and Strings will be premiered by the Wiener Kammerorkest (Vienna Chamber Orchestra) conducted by Joji Hattori with percussion soloist Vivi Vassileva at Schubert-Saal.

The concept behind Ka connects percussion soloist’s Viva Vassileva’s passion for ancient myths and legends alongside the commemoration of my late father, a year after his passing. Stemming from my constant questioning as to where my father’s soul is, ancient Egyptians believed that the soul had nine parts. In our times, the concept of the Ka is similar to that of the soul or spirit. However, the Ka symbolised much more, and this symbol has no western equivalent. It was believed that the Ka would go on living after death, separate from the body and was nourished and sustained through food and drink.

Bushra El-Turk

When cut and Ka will be available through Composers Edition website shortly after its premiere.

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