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30 November 2018 Comments Off on Bushra El-Turk Reciting Silence Receives Berlin Premiere Views: 127 CE News

Bushra El-Turk Reciting Silence Receives Berlin Premiere

Bushra El-TurkBushra El-Turk’s Reciting Silence for voice and an ensemble of western and Middle Eastern instruments which sets a text by Arabic booker prize winner Raja Allem will receive it’s first performance by Babylon ORCHESTRA at Deutsche Oper Berlin on Saturday 24 November.

It is to be performed as part of a programme titled Lieder zwischen Euphrat und Elbe – Die Welt von Gestern (Songs between the Euphrates and the Elbe – The World of Yesterday) presenting a semi-scenic concert with stories from the Near and Middle East, including both well-known songs and there new works.

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