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Ensemble Mosaik
Ensemble Mosaik

4 April 2018 Comments Off on Bushra El-Turk in Cairo Views: 1110 CE News

Bushra El-Turk in Cairo

Enno Poppe’s Ensemble Mosaik are to perform two works by Bushra El-Turk as part of the Contemporary Music Days Festival 2018, this month.

Bushra El-Turk Taqsim aala Taqsim

Bushra El-Turk Taqsim aala Taqsim

Mannequin Losses was originally written for a workshop with the Belgian Hermes Ensemble and inspired by the Fernando Pessoa poem ‘I heard it told that once in Persia’. This will be a world premiere.

21 April 2018, 8pm
Goethe-Institut Cairo / Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2018

Originally commissioned by the cellist Maria Zachariadou, Taqsim aala Taqsim is based on a taqsim by the violinist Abu Ahmed Ali. A taqsim is a solo instrumental improvisation within the Arabic maqam system. El-Turk tells us “the aim of the piece is to use the transcription as a musical prop that contributes towards an original work, maintaining the essence of a taqsim while deconstructing it with the inclusion of ‘Western’ elements, whatever that means to me”.

23 April 2018, 8pm
Manasterly Palace / Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2018

Ensemble Mosaik
As a particularly diverse and experimental formation, ensemble mosaik has developed into a renowned ensemble for contemporary music since its founding in 1997. Its members are not just characterized by their instrumental skills, but also by their creative individuality and willingness to experiment. For more info: Festival Info Bushra El-Turk CE Profile & Works

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