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Light a Candle by Liz Lane

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Antiphonary for brass band by Liz Lane

Antiphonary is inspired by Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, the oldest building in the country still lived in by the same family who built it over 900 years ago; the title refers to the Berkeley family antiphonary, a large and beautifully illuminated book of liturgical texts and chants dating back to around 1457. The music traces an historical timeline of the castle’s history and also incorporates excerpts from Vivaldi arias (thought to be the only known copies) from his opera ‘La Costanza Degli-amori e de gl’odii’ (The triumphant constancy of love and hate), found in the castle muniments in 2002.

Antiphonary was commissioned for the Cardiff New Brass Festival 2011 and first performed by the Symphonic Brass of the RAF, Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral, 10 June 2011.

This version for brass band was written for the 90th anniversary of Lydbrook Band in 2013 and first performed in Barcelona Cathedral, Spain, 29 October 2013.

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