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31 August 2020 Comments Off on Anne LeBaron Joins Composers Edition Views: 589 CE News

Anne LeBaron Joins Composers Edition

We are thrilled to welcome the highly regarded, innovative west-coast composer and harpist Anne LeBaron to the Composers Edition family. Often inspired by contemporary and historical cultural moments both real and imagined, her oeuvre encompasses a dizzying array of forms and influences, skilfully brought together with great originality. It includes a good deal of excellent vocal writing, often combined with varying sized groups of varied instrumentation, including both standard western forces, fixed audio and a wide array of modern, non-western and novel forces such as Parch instruments. LeBaron’s direct and engaging style is exceptionally well presented through clear and elegant scoring and has received wide praise from critics and audiences alike.

On joining Composers Edition, LeBaron tells us;

“As a composer, musician, and creative artist, I feel the urge to respond to unprecedented challenges that we are living through. I’m now developing projects that address inequity, abuse, and injustice, that celebrate visionary yet overlooked individuals, and that go even further to explore themes of universal destiny. These range from an opera that investigates the notion of karma to a three-year venture celebrating one thousand heroines. Through my creative endeavors, my intention is to bring exposure, attention, and impact to the mistreated, the overlooked, and the unknown.

It gives me great pleasure to join Composers Edition at this juncture in my career. Recordings of many of the compositions now represented on my CE page will be available later this fall on a new two-CD recording: Unearthly Delights, to be released on the Innova label.”

There is, in LeBaron’s music, a leaving the body and a celebration of the body, meditations on death and breath.

LA Times

Fissure is a finely crafted, heavily atmospheric piece that operates effectively on several levels and vividly portrays the emotional drama present in the famous story by Edgar Allan Poe.

Paul H.Muller, Sequenza 21

We look forward to the CD release, the latest in a catalogue of recordings both of LeBaron’s compositions and performances.

Recipient of a string of major fellowships and residencies, LeBaron’s works have been performed on every continent. We are pleased to present this initial selection:

Vocal Music

A – Zythum
for soprano, baritone, viola, banjo (doubling guitar), percussion and fixed audio
a song cycle in 21 breaths for baritone, shakuhachi and string quartet
Empty Page
song two from ‘Radiant Depth Unfolded’ for soprano, baritone and piano or soprano and piano
Is Money Money
for soprano, clarinet in Bb, bass clarinet, viola, violoncello and double bass
Concerto for Active Frogs
for three instruments, chorus, bass/baritone soloist and fixed audio


Creación de las Aves
for solo piano
Kaleidoscopic Bach
for solo piano


Devil in the Belfry
for violin and piano
for violin, piano and fixed audio

for violin solo

for violin solo


for solo harp

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