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30 March 2021 Comments Off on Anne LeBaron Interview and Performances at CSUF New Music Festival Views: 234 CE News

Anne LeBaron Interview and Performances at CSUF New Music Festival

Last month Anne LeBaron gave an in-depth interview to Gregg Bendian for his ProgCast. The interview ranges from Anne’s origins as a free jazz improviser through studying with György Liegeti as a Fulbright Scholar to LSD: Huxley’s Last Trip, one of her current projects.

Gregg Bendian introduces Anne LeBaron:

Composer/harpist/improviser/educator Anne LeBaron and I are old friends and collaborators from the New York improv/new music scene. She is renowned for pioneering extended harp techniques, and electronic enhancements. Anne has covered so much musical ground during career – from early gigs with Derek Bailey, to composing unique and groundbreaking operas and concert theater. That and much more, on The ProgCast.

On 30 April, Anne LeBaron’s music will be featured on the 20th Annual CSUF (California State University Fullerton) New Music Festival. The theme of the festival is Reimagining Opera in the 21st Century. The programme includes Anne’s works: The Guest House, one of Anne’s Rumi settings in Radiant Depth Unfolded; Princess Scene from the opera-in-progress, This Lingering Life; and two scenes from the opera Crescent City: Good Man’s Song, and An Ill Wind Blows.

This concert will feature music by CE composer Jack Van Zandt as well. It will take place virtually, preceded the day before by a symposium moderated by singer and scholar Juliana Snapper, with Anne LeBaron, Mark Campbell (the librettist for the opera This Lingering Life), and Jack Van Zandt and his librettist.

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