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25 May 2022 Comments Off on Anita D’Attellis Premières Works from Graham Lynch ‘The Chimeras’ Views: 118 CE News

Anita D’Attellis Premières Works from Graham Lynch ‘The Chimeras’

Graham Lynch

On Saturday 4 June, Graham Lynch’s Blue Bird in the Enchanted Forest, and Kleist at the Marionette Theatre will be premiered by Anita D’Attellis at St Peter’s, Wallingford.

These two pieces are part of The Chimeras, an on-going series of piano pieces which Graham Lynch has spent much of the last couple of years working on. So far there are about sixteen pieces which at times have elements of connection as they quote and develop material from each other. This year sees a number of pianists premiering them both in the UK and abroad.

These news works follow on from the successful release of Graham’s second piano CD, Seria Ludo, which contained the third White Book. Reviews have been hugely positive, including a recent one from Piano Professional magazine:

From the first note to the last, listeners to this new release are drawn into the unique and distinctive sound world of the piano music of Graham Lynch. The broad range of influences behind these pieces are infused and distilled to create music of the highest integrity, rich in imagination and harmonic, melodic and rhythmic innovation. This recording is a very welcome addition to the catalogue of one of the most original voices in 21st century British music.

Composers Edition is proud to publish many of Graham Lynch’s piano works, and looks forward to publishing The Chimeras in due course.

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