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5 May 2017 Comments Off on José Limón’s iconic choreography returns to New York with new score by Aleksandra Vrebalov Views: 1771 Composers

José Limón’s iconic choreography returns to New York with new score by Aleksandra Vrebalov

This Saturday, 6th May from 8pm, Limón Dance Company returns to Manhattan’s Joyce Theater for a host of performances featuring the music of Aleksandra Vrebalov, written to the iconic choreography of José Limón’s “The Exiles” (1950). As report the New York Times: In an effort to refurbish vintage work, Mr. Connor has commissioned a new score for “The Exiles,” Limón’s 1950 invocation of Adam and Eve. Some performances feature the original Schoenberg music, while others include Aleksandra Vrebalov’s new composition for six singers, performed live over a recorded score. While Limon’s original piece has a biblical narrative, Aleksandra approached the score through the lens of immigration and displacement.

“I feel very fortunate to be asked by the new artistic director of Limon Dance, Colin Connor to make music for Limon’s 71st season. Working on the piece has been a beautiful experience and replacing Schoenberg’s music that Jose Limon chose himself, not a small task, but so inspiring! Seeing both casts of The Exiles in rehearsals has been a thrill,” says the Serbia-born composer who often collaborates with the likes of Kronos Quartet. The piece will be sung live by Sharon Harms and Heather Michele Meyer (soprano), Blythe Gaissert Levitt (mezzo), Michael Maniaci (male soprano), Jeffrey Gavett and Peter Kendall Clark (baritone), the dancers in the new version of The Exiles are Savannah Spratt and David Glista.
Premiere takes place this Saturday, 6th May from 8pm, and Sunday, 7th May from 2pm.Tickets here.
Browse Aleksandra’s catalogue here on Composers Edition here.

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