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Aaron Holloway-Nahum Joins Composers Edition

It is a very great pleasure to announce that Composers Edition is now working with UK-based American composer, conductor and recording engineer Aaron Holloway-Nahum, one of most dynamic and committed artists working today. In an award-winning globe-spanning career, notable commissions and performances include those by London Symphony Orchestra, Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, Third Coast Percussion and Plural Ensemble. Many will also know Aaron also as the driving force behind the hugely successful Riot Ensemble with whom he has directed more than 270 premieres in the last decade.

Holding a variety of fellowships including Tanglewood, Bang on a Can, Aspen, Cheltenham and a Copland House Residency, Aaron was one of just two composers seated for the inaugural Peter Eötvös Foundation mentorship class. Together with his extensive experience as a conductor and also recording engineer (primarily with his Coviello Music Productions), Aaron composition practice draws on a wealth of knowledge and skill. At times detailed and timbrally ornate, at others bold and punchy, his is music full of interest and dramatic swagger. Indeed, such is the impact and immediacy of his music that audiences be forgiven for mistaking the concert hall for a theatre!

Current commissions include a chamber work for the Distat Terra Festival (Dec ‘22), a trombone concerto for Ivo Nillson and Gaeego! (March ‘23) and a double harp concerto for Emily Levin and the Northwestern School of Music Contemporary Ensemble (February ‘23). 

On joining Composers Edition, Aaron says;

As someone who has to work with publishers on many fronts, I’ve long admired Composers Edition’s professionalism, simplicity, and preeminent emphasis on the work and the composers who make it. It’s an honour for me to joining alongside so many colleagues I respect, and to be doing so with recent and new works that feel like a true representation of who I am as a composer, and the directions I am interested in exploring over the coming years.

Composers Edition are very happy to present an initial selection of works by Aaron Holloway-Nahum with more to follow in the coming months. Do take a look and a listen! We very much look forward to working with Aaron to help share his music with a global audience.

Ezra’s Nursery

for wind quintet

Filled with the joy (and noisy-ness!) of childhood and composed for the Peter Eötvös Foundation Mentorship Programme in 2018, premiered in Budapest.


Like a Memory of Birds (ii)

for large ensemble

Commissioned by Peter Eötvös for Ensemble Plural to be premiered by them in Madrid, on 17 April 2019.


Plane Sailing

for solo soprano and ensemble

Commissioned by The Riot Ensemble the instrumentation exactly matches that of ‘Song Offerings'(by Jonathan Harvey) and this work is dedicated to him. The piece sets the words from Sasha Dugdale’s poem Plane Sailing (Alzheimer’s) for A.W. Both the poem and the piece are a collection of motifs that spin around the central images of calmness, circling, and grief.


The Geometry of Clouds

for piano quartet

Commissioned for the 2014 Aspen Music Festival and is dedicated with gratitude and admiration to George Tsontakis and Steven Stucky.


the heavens can make light and flame and ice and water

for solo accordion and electronics

The piece takes as its starting point a reading of a translation of a poem by Ukrainian poet Kateryna Babkina, analysed (for pitch and rhythmic content), processed heavily (in the electronic samples) and reflected upon constantly during the composition of the piece.

“Though the piece was composed mostly in 2021, it was completed and premiered three weeks into the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, in March 2022. It carries within it every resonance of sadness, anger, helplessness, smallness, and loss which I have felt in watching that criminal tragedy unfold.”


The New Hymns

for solo viola and live electronics

Commissioned by Stephen Upshaw and premiered at NonClassical in London, 2018



for solo bass clarinet and orchestra

A meditation on the decisions of those who’s life is such that they are impelled to take life-threatening journeys across open seas it was written for Horia Dumitrache, “who’s virtuosity, fierce humanity and deep care fill every corner of the piece”. Commissioned by the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra.


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